• Keep grit off the floor. Use dirt-trapping, walk-off mats at all exterior doors to help prevent dirt, grit and sand from getting inside the building. Throw rugs just inside the entrances are also recommended. Sweep and/or vacuum your floor regularly. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar or a corn broom as these items may scratch or dent your floor. Driveways with asphalt or roadways with asphalt will tend to leave a stain.

• Heavy furniture or appliances should be moved with a dolly. Never slide or roll heavy objects across your wood floor, use protective mats. Put fabric glides on the legs of your furniture.

• Wipe up food spills promptly. Never use wet mops or sponges on your wood floor. Adding water to wood floors will only increase the possibility of warping. Only use products approved for use on wood flooring. Floor care kits are available at most retail stores.

• No manufacturer will accept claims for damage caused by stiletto or high-heeled shoes. Be sure to use floor protectors under all furniture, plant stands and chairs.

• Do not use any oil soap, steel wool, soap, detergent or ammonia-based cleaners on your wood floor.

• Occasionally, due to normal wear and tear, recoating of your hardwood floor will be necessary. We recommend that this be done by a hardwood floor-finishing professional.

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