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Our History

Scott Spiess has over 40 years’ experience in hand-crafted woodwork. Raised in Oregon amid lush forests, he developed an appreciation for the natural beauty of real wood. He gained initial skills from his carpenter grandfather and his father as they built a family home in 1972. At age 17, he used summer job earnings to purchase his own woodworking machinery.

During University in California his heart for other cultures was ignited as he ventured abroad to study in Mexico and India, graduating with a Bachelors’ degree in international relations and economics.

At age 25 Scott started his first commercial woodwork facility developing it into a highly prized source in the Central Coast of California and across the nation to Florida for ultra-high-end woodwork interiors for movie and NBA stars and business moguls.

In California he met his beautiful wife, Leslie, who also had dreams of international adventure and eventually, three children later, they moved to China.

For the last ten years Scott has owned and operated a woodworking factory in China’s far northwest, giving Chinese customers beautiful homes with authentic traditional American and European design, materials and craftsmanship.

While the majority of Scott’s work is sold to the luxury market in China, he continues to serve residential and commercial customers around the world.

Now, with the children grown, he and Leslie have expanded into East Central China making their rare woodworking services more easily accessible to luxury home customers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Scott loves to satisfy customers’ desires for one-of-a-kind luxury interiors that display the beauty of traditional woodwork and simultaneously are highly functional and comfortable for the family to use.

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